Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Learn Hindi in Delhi, Hindi Learning Class

Learn to Speak Hindi I English to Hindi Speaking I Hindi learning Delhi

We are Offering Exclusive Hindi language Classes for foreigners for all level students.
we are committed to teaching our students to understand, read & write Hindi,using a scientific and proven methodology.Our classes are flexible, so you can learn Hindi at any time between 9AM to 8PM.You can even choose the length of your class. (Minimum 60 Mins.)
We also Provide Home Tutor at extra Cost

Hindi Class Fees:

Individual Class for 01 Hours @ USD 15
Group Class for 01 Hours @ USD 11

Crash Course:

For One week (Except Friday,Saturday and Sunday)= USD 40 Per Person

03 Hours Yoga Class with Hindi Learning = USD 55 Per Person

Email Us to Join Classes:   zohaislam@gmail.com

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